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  • Front side of BG Table.
  • Front Side of BG Table.
  • Back side of BG table.
  • Front Side DJ Booth
  • 1 Tv by DJ booth
  • 2 Tv's by Sweet Heart table with regular stand
  • 1 Tv by Sweet Heart table with regular stand

TV Screen have become one of our most popular additions for wedding receptions. Present a Slide Show, Photo Montage, Engagement Pics, photo booth pics, or display Social Media pics your guests take with their phones or Instagram with your personal Hash Tag.

Two TV Screens with Light Stand


One TV Screen with Light Stand


One Tv Screen with regular stand


Two Tv Screen with regular stand


Discription of what you can display on the TV Screen

Slide Show/Photo Montage

If you have a slide show/Photo Montage that you would like to share with your guest, TV Screens will be the perfect ideal way to go. We will announce & showcase your slide show/Photo Montage with music in the background. We can let it run throughout the night or display extra photos that you were not able to put in the slide show.

Text 2 Screen/Social Media ($30)

Add our awesome Text 2 Screen/Social Media for additional charge. Allow your guest to share the photos they take with their phones. With this fun interactive add-on, your guest will be able to text pictures to show up on the screen. Or they can share them on Instagram or Twitter with your personalized hash tag and they’ll show up on the screen. But don’t worry we can Moderate Pictures/messages for profanity and appropriateness before they get displayed on the screens

  Social Media Prices

Monogram/Motion Monogram

Share your Monogram/Motion Monogram on the TV Screens if you already have one made. If not, we do make them for additional charge, depending on what you want charges will be different.

  Monogram Prices

Fun Professional DJ's, Good Music, Great Times.

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This is the most important time of your life, and we will provide your Wedding entertainment needs from on time schedule, professionalism..

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Private Events

Celebrating a Private Event can be so much fun. Thats why chosen the right DJ can make a big difference. We play what you want to hear.

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Photo Booth

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday or a party just to get together, with our Photo Booth it will make it fun, exciting and truly memorable.

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It is a community and family celebration full of tradition and meaning when a young girl is symbolically escorted into womanhood by her family and the event is witnessed by her community.

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